School & Building

All Schools have their own buildings.

All Schools have spacious, airy classrooms furnished with suitable furniture, fans, tube light, large green Ceramic Boards and Notice Board.

Physical Quantities

All Schools have their own arrangements of drinking water through submersibles, Aqua-guards and water coolers. All Schools have big generator sets to provide uninterrupted supply.

All Schools have blossoming flower beds and pots decorative trees and lawns.High level of sanitation is maintained all the time.

Academic Sphere

The Foremost aim of these Schools is to provide and maintain high standard of education as reflected by the excellent Home Exam and Board Exam results. Factors contributing to this high standard are:- Complete support and constant guidance of Management. Incessant academic and administrative supervision by competent Principals. Industrious efforts of highly qualified, dedicated and dynamic teachers. Regular extra classes for the week as well as the talented. Guidance and Counseling for professional courses and competitions. Supervision and guidance by our Department of Inspection.

Science Laboratories

To inculcate scientific knowledge and attitude, all school have spacious, furnished, well equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology Laboratories. For junior classes there are integrated Science Laboratories.

Computer Laboratories

To instil interest and expertise in Information Technology, Computer education is imparted from classes III to XII. Introductory Computer Science can be offered in classes XI-XII as one of the electives. Two large air-conditioned Computer Laboratories with about sixty six computer sets each, of the latest model, have been provided in each School.


To inspire students to acquire additional knowledge and to develop in them a taste of reading, all School have fully furnished vast library halls each containing over 50,000 academic, informative and inspiring books. They have been provided with large number of reference books including encyclopedias. A large number of of daily newspapers, weekly and monthly magazines and educational journals are subscribed.